Sensible Citizen Act

Are you tired of seeing dudes show their nasty ass panties because they purposely sag their pants thinking it’s cool, but in actuality they just look like they’re ignorant and uneducated? Have you ever wondered why dumbasses thought wearing their pants below their buttocks was a good idea? And shit – even some boyish women do it – it has our heads scratching, too.

Pull Your Pants Up flyer

‘Sagging survey’ 4 x 6″ flyer. Get them for free! Just donate a small amount to cover shipping.

We didn’t know wearing pants properly or using belts was such a difficult thing to do. We live in the city and we see a lot of this shit. It’s a fucking eye sore.

Yelling out of the car “pull up your fucking pants!” isn’t very effective, so we came up with a solution.

We decided to be assholes and create Sensible Citizen Act (SCA), a simple organization that will make people who sag their pants feel like shit. Our goal is to instill some sense and decency into these dumbasses. Maybe one day, each person who sags will look in the mirror and say, “Hmm… I actually look really stupid.”

We hope to achieve our goals by making our thoughts go viral. Will you be a sensible citizen by joining SCA’s efforts? We will even provide the materials for you to be a dick to those that deserve it. After all, they’re the assholes for their indecent exposure. SCA’s goal is to be assholes right back to hopefully inspire change.

Pull Your Pants Up Stickers

‘Pull your pants up’ 5.5 x 1.5″ sticker. Get them for free! Just donate a small amount to cover shipping.

We have simple, but effective and hilarious 4 x 6″ high quality flyers that are great for leaving in random places. See the image of it here. We also have 5.50 x 1.5″ outdoor friendly stickers that are great for plastering your streets, neighborhoods, and cars. You can see the stickers here. Request these through a secure Stripe transaction.

As you can see, we’re not in this for profit. The “name your amount” donation request will cover the shipping costs. While it’s not required, we also appreciate any extra donations you’d be willing to give. Donations will go toward keeping up this site, printing more flyers, and spreading the word! Thank you for being an outstanding citizen and wearing your pants correctly. And thanks for supporting Sensible Citizen Act! 😈

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