About Us

We are a couple of friends who came up with the idea of creating simple flyers to leave around the city. We live in Midtown, Atlanta and see a lot of idiots with their pants below their buttocks. One day, one of us saw a kid no older than six years old with his pants below his ass. What. The. Fuck. Witnessing this then inspired our goofy idea: Sensible Citizen Act.

The extreme sagging of pants is an epidemic that is hideous, annoying, and stupid. We’d love to see more motherfuckers be sensible citizens.

Join us by spreading the word, passing out flyers, etc. We would also love donations any size! It costs money to print these flyers, stickers, mail out stuff, keeping up the website, paying for our PO Box, etc. To help offset some of these costs, just a $5 donation from many makes a HUGE difference and is very much appreciated! Go here to donate. We’re just a couple of people who created Sensible Citizen Act for fun out of our own pockets. Help us make it viral!

Justin Bieber pooping on his audience.

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